6 months. That is how long I have planned for the next two weeks leading up to what i have come to call my ‘coming out party’. It feels like that. Not that i have ever had to have that conversation with anyone but i assume this is how it would feel. Scary. Exposed. Silly. Embarrassing. Judgey. 7th grade Mallory has made a reappearance, questioning everything i do and feeling totally insecure and anxious. My husband thinks I have lost my mind, so will the rest of the world. The other side of that coin, however, is amazing. I feel reckless and wild. I am throwing caution (and maybe corporate America) to the wind and saying with fingers, toes and everything in between crossed, that this can work.

So I am going to try. I might fail miserably right out here in front of all of you, i might be a raging success and look back at this and laugh at my insecurities and trepidation. I might move to an island and live barefoot and happy for the rest of my life. Who knows? All i know is right now i am going for it.

It’s scary. Amazing. Life changing. Awesome. Exciting. Incredible. Petrifying. And i just peed my pants a little.

But here i go.

Hi, my name is Mallory and I am starting an online boutique.



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