The Adventure begins again…

So last time we talked I was starting this new boutique (and peeing my pants). It was a scary and awesome time for me. Realizing my dreams while also fearing meeting failure in a dark alley with nothing but a canvas handbag and a fabulous hand sewn leather sandal. Since then the road has been rocky, interesting, slippery, scary, dark, exciting, hopeful, and above all an adventure. I have cried and I have laughed and I have tried, very very very very very very very (did I mention very?) hard to enjoy the ride. To be present. To know that this is a process, a journey (if you will), and to take time hanging my head out the window and letting the wind blow in my face.  But I was made without patience. Literally. I have none.  SO on my 29th birthday I decided to get back to what @jolly’s is all about.  I want to live my life outloud. I want to say yes to things that make me excited. I want to have that head out the window, wind in my hair, carefree, excited for the next move, inexplicably happy moment every day. I want to do things every day that bring that spirit out in me. I want to do cartwheels in my parents front yard until I am dizzy and my wrists hurt (because let’s face it, I am NOT 17 anymore). I want to create art without my inner voice getting involved (she is a total b*tch sometimes). I want to go on adventures with My Joel and not worry about anything else. I want to sing in my car to the Dixie Chicks circa 1999 and not look around to see if other people notice.  I want to explore and get my knees dirty and have wet hair and pruney fingers and toes from swimming in exploration all day and I want to take advantage of the year to come (and I want to look good doing itJ).  In my 29th year here doing what I do, I am saying YES to life.  So what are you doing today to make your JOLLY going?


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