Why not?

In keeping with saying yes to LIFE, i decided to buy a groupon that would take my mom and it to a little art gallery located in downtown Lee’s Summit for a painting class. This wasn’t just any old painting class however, this was us jumping head first into the new trend taking KC by storm that is BYOB painting or as i like to call it, DRUNK PAINTING.

painting 16

painting 15painting 10

And let me tell you, IT. WAS. SO. FUN. Part of this was due to the fact that my mom and i are quite a duo and have the best time together no matter the adventure. Also, my mom is an incredible artist, though that word seems to small to encompass all of her talents. She can make things out of mixed media, paint, paper mache. She chalks incredible little cards that we sell @jolly’s and besides that she just kind of amazes me everyday with her ability and drive to sit down and create beautiful things everyday.

painting 8painting 7painting 4

We arrived at Got Art? with our bottle of wine and not much else. Needless to say we didn’t know the drill and were a bit unsure. Much of the class was already seated, sipping away. We grabbed to chairs on the end. Class began shortly their after. Basically they give you a picture they want you to paint and from there you start. The teacher was awesome and basically helped if you wanted it but was also open to us having our own artistic drive.

painting 12painting 11













Mom actually painted an entire tree, decided she hated it, painted over it, and painted another even more awesome tree. All while i covered my tree with a million ‘flowers’.


painting 9

All in all we had a ton of fun, drank cheap wine and left with paintings that will both be displayed proudly in our homes. The others in the class were fun, however we had to ABSOLUTE chatter boxes sitting across from us and two professional drunk painters that critiqued everyone’s paintings like up and coming art critics.

painting 2


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