So last time we talked (Hi Caleb, Hi


So last time we talked (Hi Caleb, Hi mom!) I was trying new things, taking new adventures, getting out in the world and participating. So how’s it goin?

I have begun to plan my next out-of-town adventure with my Joel. I think we are going to head somewhere in celebration for our two years of married life this summer (Anymore 2 years is something to shout about, maybe even jump on a couch Tom Cruise style, who knows). But our biggest adventure this month, we accidentally sold our house. Not accidentally per say. We knowingly put it on the market and assumed it would take a while to sell. Not. One. Day. Once again I found myself OMGing and peeing my pants at the thought of moving the accumulation of 2 years of life. And all of my clothes. And shoes. And hair care products (for a girl who rarely combs her hair, i have A LOT, like open my own salon a lot). We had to be out in 3 weeks. And we had nowhere to live. I mean obviously, we have an AMAZING family that would take us and our rather adorable dog in (have you seen Harvey Smeadly Nathaniel Lutz Kammeyer? He is fantastic).

So we began to collect our lives in boxes and slowly moved what was a three bedroom house into my parents garage. The whole thing was emotional. Most upsetting? Through this process I have found that I have a TON of clothes. Like an embarrassing amount. Like i am surprised there are clothes left in the world for others to wear. I could wear something different for the next two years. It was an awkward realization. I apparently have been living in a state of clothing denial. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!? When did I buy 246 pairs of shoes and why am I wearing the same pair of black toms that my little toe is burrowing out of? Who in this world of waste needs 29 pairs of jeans? When did I buy the same shirt in 4 different colors. I feel like I need a shopping supervisor. I must do something. I just don’t know what.

I saved packing up all of my clothes for the last day. To be honest I was quite ashamed and I didn’t want anyone to know exactly what I was hiding in my closet. It took 4 suitcases, 11 boxes, 6 trash bags and 3 laundry baskets. JUST. FOR. THE. CLOTHES. The boxes and boxes of shoes were shoved into the back of my tiny SUV. I had shoes in there that had never been worn. Ever. Beautiful shoes. Shoes that deserve nights out. Shoes that should be displayed and looked forward to and celebrated. Not shoved to the top shelf of a closet and forgotten about. You see I LOVE clothes. I love to buy them and dream of places to wear them. I hang them in my closet with care and imagine just how perfect I will look when that day comes. Unfortunately when the day comes I have long since forgotten about that ‘perfect top’ or ‘flawless pair of shoes’. I inevitably end up in a pair of colored jeans, dressed up with a polka dot blazer. Toms thrown on at the last-minute. I live my life in my safety net of clothing, meanwhile my fabulous wardrobe dies a slow death in the back of my closet.

So for the rest of Spring i am going to try and take full advantage of my bursting at the seams wardrobe. I am going to reach into the depths of my closet and wear new and different and interesting things. I am going to wear great shoes and accessories. I am going to knock my Joel’s socks RIGHT OFF every morning. I will take a picture every day and try and remember to share it with you.

Wish me luck. I am stepping out of my colored jeans and into something a little more me.


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