Who we are…

mom and malWe are @jolly’s. We are Mallory and Linda, a mother/daughter team, friends, and now co-workers. We play together (long meandering trips through Target, Starbucks coffee dates, trying everything on in TJ Maxx and walking out with nothing, traveling through the Caribbean, Hot Yoga followed by margs with our Mr’s and so many other adventures) and now, finally we work together. Mallory is the dreamer, the wanderer, the nomad, the fashionista. She is the one who is crazy enough to think this little online shop might actually work. Linda is the mama bear, the artist, the fuel to Mal’s crazy fire. She is the one who taught Mal to dream, to believe in herself and to dance to the beat of her own drum without looking around to see what others were saying. Together WE make up @jolly’s-where our happiness lives and grows and we hope yours will too.


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